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As an audio programmer and audio designer in media audio, I combine my skills in these different fields to experiment, achieve new and interesting results and involve myself in different aspects of media audio. Specialised in methodical problem solving and combining/bridging different fields. Below you'll find an overview of some of my most recent works.

Project Exhibited

Adaptive music design

In Project Exhibited, a thrilling first-person action-stealth game, you play as Dana, the inventor thief. You have been tasked to steal from a private art collection in a mysterious palazzo in the 1960’s.

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Audio programming / tools development

NADT is a set of prototypes to tackle issues caused by the discrepancy between the linearity of standard audio production software en the nonlinearity of games.

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Project Rookery

Audio programming, composition, sound design

Project Rookery is a short demo for a story-based walking simulator. It is set in Victorian times in London with a focus on the slums and how people had to live there.

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Audio implementation, composition, sound design

Foresthunt is an applied game in which you have to collect objects in a mystical forest, based on a list that you get from an old woman.

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DSP audio development

During my internship at audio-software company Audio Ease, I designed and worked on TransitionFX, a synthesiser optimised for 'riser' type effects such as whooshes, sweeps and risers.

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Audio programming, composition, sound design

Evasion is a fast paced, high octane, futuristic newtopian 1v1 sport where the players have to capture the Spark and use parkour to move through te level as efficiently as possible.

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