Who am I?

Music, international gamejam Postech

Music for an applied game, created at a game jam at Postech University in Pohang, South Korea. For this game jam we formed 15 teams with 4 or 5 students from Korea, Japan, China and the Netherlands. We were then all given 48 hours to create an applied game about the topic: Dementia.

My team (D-Minor) and I decided to make a serious and more challenging game for a younger audience, to raise awareness about dementia. We also decided to use puzzle elements to train the memory of the players to help prevent dementia. Because of all the elements of the game jam, I fased the interesting challenge of creating a fitting soundtrack in a very short amount of time. I decided to focus on the 'happy' artstyle of the game, but also added some sad dramatic music in the final cutscene, with a rising noise respresenting the loss of life.