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Digital Synthesiser, 18/1/2019
Internship Audio Ease
During my internship at audio-software company Audio Ease, I designed and worked on TransitionFX. TransitionFX is a synthesiser optimalised for creating certain effects often used in media composition/sound design such as: risers, whooshes, stings, etc.

The synthesiser is made in C++ using the JUCE framework.

Developing a synthesiser from the ground up was a very interesting but heavy task, which I had grossly underestimated. I came across a lot of very interesting and challenging obstacles, from which I have learned a lot. One great example of this is that when I started coding the project I had originally given myself one week to make an amplitude envelope. However I found out about so many options and ways to do this that I had created more then 10 different types before I was finished(picture 2).

After the 3 month internship it was of no surprise that I hadn't been able to finish the synthesiser to the point that I wanted to. However I am still continuing to develop it and am currently testing with some sound designers and further designing the GUI.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for updates on the project!